Punctuation Marks Posters

This resource is set up to include many of the rules for punctuation. The posters vary in sophistication so will suit children from Kindergarten to Year 7. Not all the posters are suitable for all ages. 12 x A3 posters (can be printed A4).

Includes: capital letters, question marks, apostrophes, commas, full stops, quotation marks, colons, semi-colons and exclamation marks.

Mandarin and English Numbers to 10 Play Dough or Tracing Mats

This resource includes 10 play dough or tracing mats for the numbers 1 to 10 with stroke guides.

Links to EYLF  Outcome 2: Children respond to diversity with respect

Australian Curriculum – Foundation to Year 2: Chinese - Second Language Learners Pathway: (Informing) ACLCHC004 AND (Translating) ACLCHC007.

Shape Images

This is a FREE resource. Create a shapes kit for children to make pictures. Cut out shapes and create your own pictures. You can glue them to a sheet or print, laminate, cut and place in a container for children to create. Great as a fast finisher activity. Provide them with the picture examples so that they succeed first before exploring their own ideas.

Curriculum/Framework: Links to geometry

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