Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours

This resource includes 3 posters showing primary, secondary and tertiary colours. There are 2 copies of each poster – in one copy you will find the spelling “colour” and in the other it is “color”. This is A3 but can be printed at A4 if you prefer.

You will also find a fun art activity you can complete to consolidate student’s understanding of the colours. You can do this for either primary, secondary or tertiary colours. A variety of worksheets have been provided to allow for differentiation.

ANZAC Activities

The activities in this resource can be used on their own, but are best done using the book “My Grandad Marches On Anzac Day” by Catriona Hoy and illustrated by Benjamin Johnson. Curriculum/Framework: History - Australian Curriculum: Foundation Year (ACHASSK012) HASS | Knowledge and Understanding | History but suitable for kindergarten to Year 2.

Pirate Patch Alphabet Activity

Create your own classroom pirate alphabet with this cute Pirate Patch activity. Also includes a word wall and skull paper.

Suitable preschool and Kindergarten. Links to Australian Curriculum Phonics and Word Knowledge  (ACELA1440) and EYLF Outcome 5. Common Core USA- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1.D

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