Mother’s Day Card and Tea Bag Craft

Mothers Day Card and Tea Bag Craft

Mother's Day Card and Tea Bag Craft

Mother's Day is quickly approaching so we thought we would provide you with an easy and fun card and tea bag craft. We have done the hard part for you which you can download here! It's FREE! This craft requires little preparation - just print and add tea bags.


Mothers Day Card and Tea Bag Craft



TeachEzy's FREE prints, scissors, glue, cardboard for printing, colouring pens, stapler, tea bags.

You will also find the free prints on our early childhood site.


The Card

Step 1: Print out our vase and flowers onto card and cut them out.

Step 2: Decorate with either the decorating paper we have provided or with coloured pencils and pens. Colour and cut out flowers and glue to inside of card.

Step 3: Write a loving message to your Mother, attach a lovely tea bag gift and maybe a promise that she can drink the whole cup in peace.

Mothers Day Card and Tea Bag CraftThe Tea Bag Envelope

Step 1: Print out our envelope provided and cut an individual strip. There are 4 strips per page.

Step 2: Fold along the dotted line and place your tea bag inside. Once inside, take the longer end and fold over the remaining bit to the other side. Secure with a staple.


Mother's Day Tea bags



Happy Mother's Day!



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