Indian Inspired Elephant Collage


elephant collage heading

You will need: printouts (under FREEBIES), an elephant from Spotlight (optional - collage whatever you wish), Mod Podge, scissors, paint brush, paint smocks.

elephant you will need

Plan out your design. You don't need to be too particular - you can change your mind throughout.

plan elephant

Start gluing - at this stage just glue the paper on. This is really messy as you need to press the paper around the body.

elephant nearly finished

You may notice a few spots that are not very neat. Cut out some circles and patch them up. 

fix elephant

Once the whole elephant is covered, leave to dry for 2 hours and then thinly coat a few times with Mod Podge.

elephant 2

Notes of caution: This is really messy. Make sure children have their clothes protected and add plastic to the tables.

Costs: Mod Podge is quite expensive, so you can make your own substitute with PVA glue and water. The ratio is 1 cup of glue to 1/3 cup water but there are a lot of recipes on Google. You may want to try a variety out first. Mod Podge comes in gloss or matte. You can make your own gloss by adding a couple of tablespoons of water based varnish but for school children I would skip this and stick with matte. You don't need to buy elephants for all the kids, they could use a shoe box, make a paper mache ball, decorate a jar, recycle something, etc.

elephant 3

You will find our free Indian inspired papers under Freebies on either our K-6 website or Early Childhood.

indian paper freebie

Have fun!



Indian girl



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