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You will need: Wool or string, nails, foam boxes, pencils and if you would like to use our outlines, you will find them under freebies on K-6 or Early Childhood.

This can be a very cheap activity. We picked up the wool from an Op shop and the nails are cheap ones from a discount store. The nails were pretty weak - wouldn't want to use them to actually hammer but they were perfect for this activity. We salvaged some Styrofoam boxes from our local grocery store for nothing but you could purchase foam from Spotlight or similar.


string what you need

The great thing about this activity is that no hammer is needed.  Trace or draw a shape onto the Styrofoam. We have outlines you can use or kids can draw their own. We suggest you use pencil so that it doesn't show. We used pen so that you could see the outlines clearly. Start pressing in the nails.

start pinning

Choose your wool or string. Tie the string to a nail using a double knot.

string heart

Start zigzagging your string any way you wish. You can be very symmetrical about it...or not. Just be careful not to pull too tightly on the wool so that the nails come out. They are pretty secure. When winding the wool, go around the nail twice to keep it more secure.

start threading

You can do layers of different colours or change the colour anywhere during the activity by just tying another piece on.

string 2

Finish off by tying another knot.

string 1

Download our outlines...they are free! See links above.

string art image


best bird





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