The Dry Aquarium Activity

Dry Aquarium Activity

The Dry Aquarium by TeachEzy

Create this dry aquarium with the kids. Great for a parent gift, ocean studies or World Ocean Day.

You will need: rice (a large bag so look for a cheap bulk buy), yellow food colouring, blue food colouring, TeachEzy's Free printouts, jars (we used vegemite and coffee jars), scissors and glue.


Print out the free printouts on TeachEzy K-6 or Early Childhood under FREEBIES.


Colour the rice with food colouring. You will need yellow for sand and blue for water.

aqua 13

Cut out the fish, eel and coral. Dab a little glue on the front of each picture to stick to the inside of the jar. Don't put too much glue on...just a dab.


Once you are happy with the pictures in the jar. Add yellow rice for the sand and then top with blue rice.


Make sure you fill the jar so kids can't shake it and mix up all the rice...put lid on.



Finished!!  Don't forget to tape the lids if you don't want rice everywhere. I forgot!

aqua7aqua 12



coral reef 1


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