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We would like to invite you to look at advertising with TeachEzy at a very affordable monthly rate and have access to thousands of primary and early childhood teachers across Australia.. We create unique teaching resources covering early childcare to Year 6. TeachEzy's mission is to ease the workload of teachers; run our business with integrity; provide great service; supply quality products at amazing value and partner only with those on the same path.

A little about us

I am a mother of two, one who is severely disabled. My journey began because my son with disabilities requires so much work flexibility and becoming my own boss was my only serious option if I wanted to continue to work. I also work in schools as much as possible on a casual basis.  I have created an online presence which can help teachers nurture the next generation. My name is Veronica. I am a primary school trained teacher with first class honours and training in business.  On my journey I have liaised with a close friend, Jenny, who has worked in the early childhood sector and is a talented artist.  I have also worked with a young lady, Nikki, who brings some youth into the business as our customers start from the age of 21 and up. Bob handles our IT from afar and is hugely important in keeping this website up and running. Through hard work we have built TeachEzy into the thriving online business it is today and want to continue to grow every day. Every single resource on the websites has been created by us, including most of the clipart over the past 2 years. We rarely purchase our clipart but create it ourselves.

Links to our websites and social media

We would love you to go and check us out…

Our K-6 Website is where you are now @

Our Early Childhood Website @

Our Facebook Site @

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We also have an APP in Google Play and the Apple Store

Our Audience

Primary school and early childhood teachers with most in the 22 to 45 year age bracket...majority are female.

Our Charges

We are new but have much potential, thus we are offering very affordable (read “cheap”) advertising.  This includes...

1x Banner advertisement on the front page of our K-6 website that links to your website...if available, we will put the banner on both websites.

2x Facebook call-outs a month – we would love specials we can offer our followers to increase engagement with what you have to offer.

1x blog post (written by you but approved by us).

An image with link on our new App.

All this will also help boost your presence on search engines.

Cost for all this? $100/month. Please email us at for any further information you would like.

Please note: We will refuse advertising requests if they do not fit with our business ethics, e.g. we would not advertise alcohol or gaming, or if they are in direct competition to what we have on offer.



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About Teachezy

TeachEzy's online teaching resource goal is to free up your valuable time. We want to ease your workload and provide useful resources for the classroom.
We want to reduce the after hours so you can spend more time with family and friends, which in turn will make you a better teacher. We all want a happy teacher for our children.
Please enjoy our HUGE selection in online teaching resources.