30 After Reading Activities for Kids

After reading a book as a class or individually, it is great if students can take a step further and engage with the book more. This will help them with their reading comprehension and understanding of deeper concepts within the book.

After reading activities are also great for substitute or casual teachers. Many hours of learning can be provided by using a great book and giving students choices in the activities. 

Below you will find 30 teacher resource activities to use in the classroom.

30 After Reading Activities for Kids

1.Find a description in the book and write it as the shape it is describing, e.g. if the description is of a butterfly then write the description so the words create a butterfly – like Shape Poetry.
2.Design a new cover for the book.
3.Imagine you are inside the book. What character would you be and why? How would you change the story if you were one of the characters?
4.Have a look at the problem in the book. Think of another solution to the problem.
5.Use new words from the book and make a memory game. Play with a partner.
6.Find out what other books the author has written. Read reviews about them on the internet and decide which one you would like to read next and why.
7.Make a find-a-word using tricky words from the book. Swap with a friend to do the activity. You will need graph paper
8.Describe how the story made you feel. Can you relate to the characters? Did it make you happy/sad?
9.Photocopy a page from the text. Highlight all the verbs.
10.Use new words from the book and sort them into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 syllable words.
11.Photocopy a page from the text. Highlight all the adjectives.
12.Imagine one of the characters is your best friend. Write about your friendship.
13.Take 2 characters from the book. In pairs, students take on the personality of one of the characters. Create a text conversation between the characters. Present to class and discuss how students thought the characters would act.
14.Create a comic strip of one scene from the book.
15.Photocopy an image from the book. Glue it to a piece of art paper and expand the picture with your ideas.
16.Photocopy a page from the text. Highlight all the nouns.
17.Write a book review – explain the book briefly and write about whether or not it was a good book and if you would recommend it to others to read. Why?
18.Find new words in the book and create a mind map. Include the word meaning, write up some antonyms, synonyms, etymology and a sentence using the word.
19.Write up all the similes you can find in the book. Put them into sentences.
20.Choose a character from the book. Create a mind map to described all his/her/its characteristics
21.Paint or draw a picture or scene from the book.
22.Retell the story in your own words.
23.Send an email to the author asking a question about the book you have completed.
24.Locate and record any onomatopoeia you can find in the book. Think of some yourself that would suit the story.
25.Write a new ending to the book. How would you like it to end?
26.Sketch what you think one of the characters from the book looks like. Compare with others in the class.
27.Create a slide show of the main ideas of the book – a summary.
28.Summarise a factual text using a mind map.
29.Create an social media account of a character from a book. What would it look like? What would they put in it?
30.In groups, act out a scene from the book. Film it on the iPad to play back to the class. 

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