Teacher Planning PowerPoint

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Teacher planning powerpoint

This PowerPoint resources is designed for display on your computer and/or on the IWB. The planning slides are for your reference. Once the week is up, you can print the slides with your notes to add to your program and SAVE AS with the date, e.g. program term 2 week 2. You can then use the same outline to plan term 2, week 3 and you will have the term overview to refer to.

These are editable. In your daily plan you can add links to or embed videos or audios and include hyperlinks for easy access to websites/resources.

The other slides are for the IWB to display to children what the program is for the day or each subject. These slides can be customised to suit but the images may not. Having worked in a K-6 classroom, I used to display the morning literacy program and maths so that students could move onto the next activity if I was attending to others elsewhere. I have supplied an example page. What slides you use or discard is completely up to you.

This is more suited to a school setting. These are FREE of charge and may be shared with peers.

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